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Junior Cycle Course

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Five-Day Easter Revision Junior Cycle Course in Killarney

11th to 15th April 2022

for Third-Year Students sitting their Junior Cycle Exams in June 2022

Higher Level Irish, English & Maths

Entry Requirements/Riachtanais Iontrála

• The aim of this course is to give students the opportunity to revise and prepare for their Higher Level Junior Cycle written exams in the core subjects of IRISH, ENGLISH AND MATHS.

• Students will consolidate all they have learned during the Junior Cycle in exam-focused classes and tutorials.

• Each 1½ hour class will be taught by our exceptional teachers using exam-focused notes. Each class will be followed by a one-hour Assisted-Learning Tutorial in each subject, during which students will be shown how to study the notes given in class and how to use the information learned to answer sample exam questions.

• During the tutorials, students will work through study strategies and exam techniques under the guidance of the teacher. They will have ample opportunity to ask questions and interact with the teacher while they practice for the exam.

• The following areas will be covered in each subject:

Daily Timetable/Clár Ama

• First class starts at 9am each day
• 1½ hour class followed 1 hour tutorial in each of the 3 subjects each day
• 15 minute break between classes and 30 minute lunch break
• Course finishes at 6:45pm Monday to Thursday and at 3:30pm on Friday


• Agreements must be made between parents and landlady, independent of Brú na Páirce. Landladies are responsible for all aspects of accommodation.
• Accommodation must be provisionally booked before any application is accepted (unless student is living locally).
• Driving of cars by students to and from classes/study is forbidden. Landladies are responsible for transporting their own students to and from the school premises.
• Onus is on parents to procure accommodation and ensure that students remain in their accommodation each evening.
• Cost of accommodation, including breakfast, packed lunch, evening meal and transport: €36 per night.
• Students are not allowed to stay in rented houses unless a parent is present.



• Parents and students must read, understand and accept the policies and rules that are in the Policies & Rules section.
• It is imperative when your child commits to this Brú na Páirce course that he/she complete the full five days. Notes given are contingent on class attendance.
• Students make their own travel arrangements to/from Killarney at the beginning and end of the course.
• The management of Brú na Páirce is not responsible for students outside of school hours.
• In-house rules are provided and explained on commencement of the course.
• Mobile phones are strictly forbidden during course hours.
• N.B. Breaking of rules or undesirable attitude / behaviour will lead to immediate expulsion.
• While every reasonable effort is made to accommodate each potential student, due to the nature of the course and the physical constraints of our premises, it may not be possible to accommodate students who require special assistance or individual attention. If your child has such requirements, you should enquire with the Bainisteoir first to see if your child’s requirements can be met by the school.

Fees /Táillí

• Total Fee €500
• Deposit of €300 (non-refundable) payable with application. Balance of €200 is due 3 weeks prior to course start date and Brú Na Páirce will provide payment details in advance.

How to apply

Download the 2022 application form below.


Post completed form and deposit to:

An Bainisteoir
Brú Na Páirce
Park Road
Co. Kerry
V93 H9PC

Fón: 086 303 4998


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